Pastor Diana Elston

“You can’t truly surrender to God, unless you’re totally sold out for God”

- Senior Pastor Diana Elston, Word in Seasons Ministry Family and Life Center

Diana Elston is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Word In Seasons Ministry Family and Life Center and Founder of Glory Productions, an avenue by which the Gospel is orated in the form of stage plays.  Pastor Elston was born in Hammond, Indiana at the age of 13. She was captivated by the Bible and found herself spending time alone with a book that would one day transform her life forever.  Everyone wants to write a biography that would make them look good, but Pastor Elston’s early childhood and adult life was one of struggle and disappointment. However, it was during those times that she learned of the grace and mercy of God, not knowing that through it all God was preparing her for something greater.  Often times she reflects back over her life as she ministers to the youth to encourage them not to allow their past to imprison their future.   At the age 21, she gave her life to the Lord and from that day on had a heart to serve God and His people.

Pastor Elston later moved to Atlanta GA, where she continued to serve God. She joined Wings Of Faith Family and Life Center under the care of Bishop Dreyfus Smith.  It was there that God began to reveal His plan for her life and to form in her heart Word In Seasons Ministry.  Her thought behind the name of the church was, “No matter what seasons you may find yourself in, God always has a Word that will change your life.” It wasn’t until moving to Norfolk, VA that Pastor Elston gave birth to the ministry that we call Word In Seasons Ministry Family and Life Center.  Together they have dedicated their lives to serving God’s people.  

Pastor Elston has a heart of compassion for the people and believes that the Church should be a reflection of God’s love and kindness in the Earth, therefore she demonstrates this through the Word that she teaches and the plays she writes and produces.  As an outreach ministry, her desire is to serve not only those that are within but those that are without. The Bible says, “And Jesus went about doing good.”  Let us do the same.




Service Times

Sunday Worship Service
  10 am to 12 pm - Morning
One Hour of Power . . .  
  Wednesdays - 3rd & 4th 
  7 pm to 8 pm - Night
Prayer Night
   Monday - 1st Only
   7 pm to 8 pm 

Contact Info

7917 Halprin Drive
Norfolk, Virginia  23518
Phone: (757)588-0008